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You will enjoy a romp around town in one of these lovely all-into-one short sets or rompers! Rompers will make you feel free and bring out your inner youth. Our selection of rompers here at Empress Wear are very cute and sassy. Browse below for a great range of prices and some really cute looks. 

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Combine your shirt or blouse, and short pants all into one to make it easier and cooler to get dressed. Rompers were made for children because of the idea that they are easy to play around in due to the light and loose fit. But for decades rompers have been a fashion wear for women. Kim Kelly has an interesting article about the one-sie here ⇒ This article discusses how Brittish folks had to jump out of bed at the sound of a siren and run for their lives during the Nazi bombings. So, the "siren suit" or one-piece suit was created to be able to jump into and leave in a hurry.

You will definitely be setting off all the sirens when you strut your stuff in one of these beautiful one-piece rompers. We have some really nice colors and designs available for you. We have denim and lace, stripes and floral, ruffles and sequin. There are so many unique and wonderful pieces to choose from. So shop now for your new romper at Empress Wear, and go out in style. 

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